Private Label

Since we are committed to introduce the unique flavors of our region to the whole world and to consume more healthy and natural products today, we do not refuse our customers' requests to be in the market with their own brands.

Şekeroğlu Quality

According to the research data compiled by Ipsos; while the rate of those who said that they would buy the brand I want, even if it is a bit expensive, was 50% until 2018, this rate has decreased to 39% today. It is seen that consumers who are moving away from expensive brands have started to shift towards cheap products. While the preference for cheap products was 26% in 2018-2020, it is 31% in 2022.

Considering these data, quality and economy should come to the forefront together in brand initiatives. As a result, we are able to present Şekeroğlu Group Quality as a private brand with you.

"Cookie Dessert" and "Pomegranate Sour Sauce", which we produce in our own facilities, have been in high demand in the market and can also be produced with the brand of our customers.

If you want to take your place in the sector with Private Label products with Şekeroğlu Quality, you can contact us from the contact page...