Menengiç Coffee

Miracle Drink

Menengiç is the wild form of Pistachio. It is obtained by collecting the fruits of the Menengiç tree, roasting and grinding these fruits. It is very beneficial for your health.

Menengiç Coffee, which is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, does not contain caffeine and opens the doors to a healthy sleep. It is beneficial for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers.

Ruby Chocolate Coffee

Traditional Flavor Expert...

Turkish coffee is one of the most cultural drinks in Turkey. It has many benefits when consumed regularly every day. Energizing and helping to focus are among the most well-known benefits.

Turkish coffee, which has been consumed for centuries, is available in different varieties. Ruby chocolate Turkish coffee brings a new twist to coffee. Ruby chocolate Turkish coffee, which makes the strong drink of Turkish coffee lighter, is prepared like other Turkish coffees and served with chocolate if you wish.

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As Şekeroğlu Group, with the Şekeroğlu brand, which we have created with a quarter century of experience and responsibility awareness, we offer all kinds of Spices, Zahter for Breakfast, Classic and Powdered Menengiç Coffee, Dibek Coffee, Instant Salep, Cookie Dessert, Pomegranate Sour and Pomegranate Sour Sauces, Herbal Products with Kafkaform brand, We produce a wide range of practical Çiğ Köfte Sets with Sıra and Sıla brands, Turkish coffee and Ottoman coffees with Pasha Keyfi brand, as well as dozens of varieties of instant coffee produced under the Kahvemo brand.

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