Respecting Nature Production

Meet the Environmentally Friendly, Economic and Technological New Production System...

With a sustainable and clean transformation system, all wastes are recycled back into production and the carbon footprint is reduced below international standards, creating a production model that is friendly to nature, respectful to people and the environment. Established with a focus on quality and health, the facility also has a laboratory working as an R&D base.

Şekeroğlu Group Facilities; It also aims to contribute to the qualified workforce by working in cooperation with professional organizations and universities, thanks to the campuses where continuous Training and Information of suppliers and practitioner interlocutors will be provided. 

The adventure of food supply, which has been full of difficulties for many civilizations from ancient times to the present day, has often caused the civilizations in which it took place to become targets and erased some of them from the page of history.

Changing needs and changing food culture with developing technology have led to a much more efficient use of the food production sector in the future.

Food procurement and production, which was done amateurishly in the early periods of human history, has had different faces thanks to the new technologies obtained today, and finally; it has spread not only to basic food, but also to many industrial areas such as ready-to-eat food and fast-moving consumer products.

With Şekeroğlu Group's environmentally friendly production process and zero waste policy, we aim to minimize the damage to the ecosystem by reducing our carbon footprint.

Because there is a nature to the blessings we believe in the power of and the world we are part of...